Useful tips for the security of your overseas property – January 2018

Useful tips for the security of your overseas property

As we start the New Year we thought it might be timely to share some tips with you to secure and maintain your holiday home when you are not there. So, here goes.

Lock all Windows and doors

Take time to check that all of your windows and doors are locked before you leave, to deter thieves. Many people prefer to secure their property using reinforced doors and modern locks. However there are also other security measures you can take that are less costly, such as installing light timer switches.

Turn off the Water supply and consider leaving some heating on

A common reason people make an insurance claim (we trust you have insurance cover in place) is due to escape of water. You should turn your water supply off and drain any fixed water tanks and pipes, as well as keeping the heating on a low temperature (15 °C) to stop pipes freezing and bursting. To avoid pipes bursting in the roof space, you could leave the loft hatch open so the warm air can circulate through the house with ease.

Get assistance from your neighbours

A lot of property owners look after each other – some of them water each other’s plants and pick up the post, so you could do the same? If you get on well with your neighbours, they’ll probably be more than happy to keep an eye on your house and contact you if they suspect any damage during uninhabited months. This means you may address any issues straight away and prevent the possibility of greater damage.

Tidy exteriors

Barbecues and drinks are great in the summer, but you shouldn’t leave any kind of furniture or equipment in the garden, balcony or terrace which could indicate to burglars that you’re not there. This can encourage them to take any garden furniture & equipment or even break into the property. It’s best to leave these exterior spaces free of accessories and decorations.

Burglars use social media too

Features of modern life like smartphones and social media are helping us stay connected with work and family but can also be a useful tool for burglars. Limit the information you share about your routine, personal data or your forth-coming trip. As much as your friends & family enjoy seeing your holiday photos, try to resist sharing them until you’re back home.

Safe house keys

We’ve all been tempted!  People often hide their spare key under the mat, behind a pot or next to a rock but it can be a common mistake to hide your spare key near the front door, as it can increase the risk of a theft.

If the reason you do this is because you’re worried about losing or misplacing your keys, then it’s better to leave one with a friend or neighbour who can be trusted

Make an inventory

It might be sensible to make an inventory of all the electrical & technological goods you leave behind at your property. Detail brands, models and serial numbers of each valuable item, as well as taking photos, because this can help the police to find them if they are stolen.

We hope you found at least some of this useful, we’ll be back soon with more up to date information on the property markets in which we operate.

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